Congratulate your Prime Minister on World Hepatitis Day!
Congratulate your Prime Minister on World Hepatitis Day!

Congratulate your Prime Minister
on World Hepatitis Day!

Tell me more!

Action background

Why we are doing this

In May 2016, all member countries
of the World Health Organization (WHO) signed
the Global Health Sector Strategy for Viral Hepatitis.
It stipulates that by 2030 the number of new cases of chronic hepatitis B and C should decrease by 90%, mortality – by 65%, and 90% of people with viral hepatitis B and C will know their status. What do we have for today? That only 9 countries of the world can count on eradicating the problem of viral hepatitis by 2030. This is a disastrous indicator, and without political will we can not beat hepatitis.

How we are doing this

On the eve of the World Hepatitis Day,
which is celebrated every year on July 28, any activist
can send a postcard to his or her high-ranking official.
The postcard contains a brief description of the problem with viral hepatitis and the wish to resolve it as soon as possible through the development and adoption of national strategies for combating these diseases. We believe, that the more people who send this message to their government, the more attention we can draw to the problem of hepatitis.


What should you do?

It's never been easier to be part of a grand event.
You just need to make four simple steps.
Follow instruction below.

Find us

Visit the United Against Hepatitis (Russia) booth at the NOhep Village at Toronto Global Hepatitis Summit

Get a postcard

You can choose between two options: image of an hourglass, or funeral wreath

Print wishes

Download template of the text, edit it as you wish and print on the back side of postcard

Send a postcard

Last step - sending postcard to your President, Prime Minister or other high-ranking official

Want more?

You think, you can make this action bigger? Ok, let's do it!
Download one or both of the postcards' designs, print it out
and ask patients and activists in your country
to sign it and send to your government.
Together we can change the world!

Hourglass design

Funeral wreath design

Text template

Text template

We made a text template for you.
You can copy it, edit as you wish, insert addressee,
translate it into your native language and print
on a back side of postcard.

Dear Mr. President! I have a dream.

I dream that all patients with chronic viral hepatitis will be cured and we will forget about this disease, as we forgot about the plague and smallpox.

To do this, we have all the tools: all patients with hepatitis C can be cured, and hepatitis B can be prevented by vaccination.

But you and I need a plan. A Strategy. Without it our Goal can not be achieved!

For my part, my colleagues and I are ready to make every effort to do this. But without your help, without the support of the government, it is impossible.

We ask you to start creation of a strategy on hepatitis in our country. And the descendants will remember you as the Man who Defeated Hepatitis!